Stage 3 Ovarian diagnosis

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Stage 3 Ovarian diagnosis

Hey all. 

I'm at 47 year old woman with no children  who is a smoker and 150kgs.


01 June 2023 after a colonoscopy I was diagnosed with cancer.  Further tests have been conducted and I had a laposcapy yesterday for more biopsies.  They are not sure if it is high grade or low grade yet so planning on surgery on the 3rd of July to have full historectomy, remove omentum, partly remove peritoneum with tumors and have a lower sigmoid colon resection of about a foot.  Very fast and furious and alot to take in.  I have so many things going on in my head but mainly would like to talk to anyone who may have had or be experiencing the same or similar situation. 


Q How can you find out the most recent treatments and advances?

Q what kind of side effects are there with a loss of the omentum, and perituniem?


Still don't know if I'm doing  everything right but researching and trying hard to lose weight (optifast shakes) and stopped smoking but so hungry... lol oh the irony.


Well that's all I have for now but look forward to meeting people like me to talk to.





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