Stage one

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Stage one

The cancer center called me and told me that my lung cancer was stage 1.   It is  a solitary nodule.  They sent a referel in to the surgeon and that he would go be calling me.  After reading some of these peoples stories I almost feel bad posting good news.  I found out almost a month ago I had cancer.  The good news it is Stage one.  

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Re: Stage one

Hi Ernest. I’m stage 1 too. Breast cancer, 3 weeks post surgery. I’ve been struggling with feelings of guilt when reading others peoples stories. I’m told a lot how lucky I am, and I know that I am but it doesn’t lessen the experience that you or I are going thru. It’s a scary process even when you know you’ll be ok. 

I hope it all goes well for you. 

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Re: Stage one

Hope everything went well for you.


Although all our cancers are different, I think the emotions and fears we experience on our own journey can be the same.  It is fear of the unknown.


Cancer has always been something that other people get, so when we get it ourselves we feel helpless.  I know I did, and I still do.


My Lung Cancer was stage 2, I have had the right lower lobe of my lung removed, and I start chemo, as a precaution, in a few weeks.  Everyone tells me to stay positive, but the fear of it returning scares me so much that I am already having night mares.  All the what ifs??? that no one can answer.  No one can guarentee that the cancer will not return, its the journey that scares me.


I know some people are saying it is my fault, I was a smoker, but anyone that has a set of lungs is a candidate whether they smoke or not.  I do feel guilty, and I wish I had never smoked, would I still have cancer if I didnt?


I hope everything worked out for you, and yes, you too were lucky in the sense of the cancer being treated before it spread, but at the same time unlucky for having cancer.


Let me know how you went, as I noticed your post was in December.

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Re: Stage one

Thank you for your post. I was awake most of the night crying over other people's stories. The good stories help me as much as the bad stories.


I am trying to understand my journey and what it means to me and my loved ones. I hope my story will be a happy one. Regardless, hopefully it helps someone else with their journey.


All the best


Re: Stage one

surgery chemo radiation immunotherapy

Id get strong chemo like the stuff that makes your hair fallout

and scans but some hot stuff surgeon can get you out in less than a week HO

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