What could be next?

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What could be next?

Hi all 

Not really too sure where to start.. or if I can even get any sort of answers. 


I'm 28 years old and have recently had a lletz procedure done to remove high grade cin3 cells from my cervix. The results of the lletz came back as invasive cancer. PET and MRI have staged me at 1b1 but from what I can see they think the cancer was completely removed via the lletz. 


My oncology appointment isn't until mid July. I'm just curious as to what the next steps could be for me? 

Surgery? Nothing? Just monitor me closely? 


I have no family history of CC and nobody who has had an experience like this to talk to. 


Thanks in advance x 

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Re: What could be next?


I don't know the answers to your questions, but I'll be thinking of you.


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