Small lump on shoulder 4.5 years after melanoma surgery

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Small lump on shoulder 4.5 years after melanoma surgery

My husband had a 1.3mm melanoma removed from his shoulder in October of 2016. He had a sentinel lymph node biopsy and it didn’t show any spreading thankfully. He’s had regular checkups since and had no issues. Just tonight I found a small hard lump about 1.5cm under his shoulder blade. I have severe anxiety and can’t even function. He’s not worried but he’s going to get it checked out. Hoping for cyst or lipoma etc. Is it possible for melanoma to come back as colorless lump looking like lipoma? It’s on the same shoulder but about 20cm below the scar area. He has no discoloration and lymph nodes aren’t swollen. I feel like I can’t even breathe until he gets it checked 😞 😞 😞 anyone had anything similar? It’s pretty hard but possibly mobile? Hard to tell it feels deep and is right on the muscle under the shoulder blade. 

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Re: Small lump on shoulder 4.5 years after melanoma surgery

Hi there!

Did you already have your consultation? What did the Doctor say? I'm not sure if it's coming back after some time. 

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