A podcast is an audio file similar to a radio broadcast, which can be downloaded

and listened to on a computer, mp3 player, mobile phone, etc
- Collins Dictionary


If you are affected by cancer, you've no doubt many questions to ask.


Cancer Council NSW has created a series of podcasts to tackle common questions such as 'how do I cope with a cancer diagnosis?', 'how do I decide what treatment to have?', 'how do I manage pain?', 'I can't sleep, what can I do?', 'will my sex life change?' or 'how do I tell the kids?'.


This first series is called "The Thing About Cancer", and has since been followed up with a second series tackling issues experienced by those with advanced cancers, "The Thing About Advanced Cancer". A third series, produced this year, focuses on Cancer and COVID-19.


The podcasts are hosted by Julie McCrossin, an Australian radio broadcaster, journalist, comedian, political commentator and activist. Listen as she explains why podcasts are so important for people with cancer.



Our first podcast series, The Thing About Cancer consists of the following episodes:

Why not check out our introductory podcast below?





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