Workplace referral service

Through the workplace referral service, we connect you with specialist human resources (HR) and recruitment professionals, who can provide advice and assistance with on workplace issues.


Qualified financial planners from the workplace referral service, may be able to assist with the following:

  • Managing workplace issues
  • Coping with side effects at work
  • Managing expectations with your employer and colleagues
  • Flexible working arrangements and entitlements
  • Managing sick leave and payment entitlements
  • Managing workplace discrimination, including bullying and harassment
  • Strategies when looking for work
  • Transitioning back into the workforce after treatment
  • Interview techniques
  • Connecting with recruiters
  • Covering interview techniques
  • Disclosing a cancer diagnosis, including obligations to tell a new employer about a past diagnosis

Note, the above may vary between states and territories.


To find out more about our national Pro Bono Program, please call 13 11 20 between 9am-5pm, weekdays.


Additional Resources

The following booklets and fact sheets are produced by Cancer Council, containing easy-to-read information to help you:

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