A Whole New Life Awaits You

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A Whole New Life Awaits You

I don't see myself as a "cancer survivor".

Cancer is something I had. (stage 3 breast cancer - mastectomy, chemo, radio)


What a terrible time in my life. But it's over/done/dusted. If it comes back, I'll deal

with that when/if it happens.


I took myself on a 2 month, solo  journey down the Murray River in a little camper/

floating houseboat - to take back control of my life and re-gain my power.

Best thing I could have done. I re-learned how strong/capable I was.


I spent my time during chemo/radio researching and planning my big river trip.

It gave me a great focus and a goal to work towards.


When the time came to go - I was terrified. But I DID IT!!!!  2000kms down to

the ocean - with no-one to rely on but me.


I am a confident and powerful person again. 







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Re: A Whole New Life Awaits You

Thank you for your post @smithmoir, what an inspirational experience you have shared with us!


I do hope that you will visit us here often to share your experiences and help support others through similar journeys Smiley Happy

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