Additional exercise resources


Additional exercise resources

Hi forum followers,


Now that we're beginning to see a bit more sunshine in our days and Spring is approaching, I hope you have been able to get outside more frequently, perhaps even venturing out to the streets around your home or a local park to do some walking. 


We've talked previously about some excellent Home Workouts, including


I have come across an exercise series by the Lung Foundation Australia called "Maintaining Movement" which includes some beneficial yet easy exercises you can do at home! See the videos here: 


What else have you found? Anything that you'd like to share with your peers?


I've been enjoying having more time to do some yoga sessions in my week. Yoga is great for the mind and body! My favourite part is the mindfulness activity at the end where lie still,  do a body scan and feel how the stretches have loosened up our muscles. 


And just remember, we're not looking to complete a marathon here! Just small increases in your step count over time will help get you on your way 💛🌻

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