Back to school with Healthy Lunch Box

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Back to school with Healthy Lunch Box

At Cancer Council, we are passionate about helping families and indeed, everyone, to eat more healthily.


93% of children don’t eat enough vegetables and adults aren’t eating enough either. Good nutrition is important for everyone affected by cancer.


With the beginning of a fresh school year upon us, we've packed everything you need into one website:


Lunch Box BuilderLunch Box Builder



The site features:

  • an interactive Lunch Box Builder tool
  • recipes and ideas
  • handy tips and tricks

It's a fantastic resource for anyone who has their own children or children around them.


And for those of us without little ones, it's fantastic just for ideas and recipes for our own meals. Perfect for lunches at home, taking out or to work! Smiley Wink


My favourite recipe are the sweet potato felafels, YUM! Smiley Happy What's yours?

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