Fruit & Veg Sense Workshops for parents & carers (NSW)

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Fruit & Veg Sense Workshops for parents & carers (NSW)

We run regular 'Fruit & Veg Sense' workshops for parents and carers of children across NSW.


They are free and last for 90 minutes, covering the following topics, amongst others:

  • What a 'serve' of fruit and veg is
  • How much fruit and veg your family really needs
  • The real difference between fresh, frozen and canned foods
  • Ways to save money during your shop
  • Dealing with fussy eaters

You can view a complete list of our upcoming sessions here, as well as register your interest via the form at the bottom of that same page underneath the sessions list.


If there's not a workshop coming up near you, simply select the option 'These sessions don't suit me. Please add me to the waiting list.' from the Session Date dropdown options.


* If you live somewhere other than NSW, contact 13 11 20 to see if something similar is running in your state or territory.

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