Getting espophageal stents removed

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Getting espophageal stents removed

Hi there, I am just coming off chemo for stomach cancer. I had full stomach removal and partial esophagus removal. Surgery was done in Thailand as this is where I have been working/living/have family. The main surgeon put in a covered stent at the time of surgery to protect the new join in the esophagus (forget the medical term). But after having trouble eating another GI specialist added an uncovered stent (without my approval) which he joined to the covered stent. Apparently this uncovered stent is basically impossible to remove. The washup is that I can basically only survive on liquids/watery purees. Anything thicker blocks the stents requiring a trip to the ER for a clearing gastroscope (about 10 this year). I am 47 and have been condemned to a life of living on ensure for ever. Sorry, I realise this sounds selfish, but I had a whipple for pancreatic cancer in 2009 so I figured I was already on borrowed time. Does anyone know a gun GI specialist that can remove these things? The Thais say it cant be done but what about people that swallow all sorts of crazy objects and razors blades, matchbox cars and whatnot? I am seeking a gun doc anywhere in Australia that can help me. I just want to be able to eat semi normally (without a stomach) for however much time I have left. Any ideas gratefully accepted. Good luck and best wishes to all!

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Re: Getting espophageal stents removed

Hi nickmorton1


wish you the best of luck with your search & the outcome.  You sound like you have a good attitude to everything you've been through so far - keep it up.  👍

I'm sorry I can't help with any names.



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