Hello couragious people.

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Hello couragious people.

I'm Fiona, a single mother of two children (12 and 9) and I have survived Thyroid cancer. I had a severe case, as it was misdiagnosed in 2007 and thankfully found and correctly diagnosed in late 2010. I have had my whole thyroid, 66 lymph nodes and tissue surrounding the back of my tongue removed. I was given a life expectancy of 10 years and i'm now 2 years into that expectancy. All this being said, I am happy with life and like you all, I'm a fighter..and I'm quite the stubborn one at that. My day to day struggle is maintaining my weight. I work out a minimum of 5 days a week within my local gym and eat rather healthy. I've gone from a small size 12 clothing size, to a large size 18 since surgery. This is mainly due to the fact my thyroid replacement medication needs to remain as a low dose to aide in the unsuccessful return of the cancer. My question is, has anyone in this group had thyroid cancer? And, if so, how do you manage your weight? I hope you're day today brought many smiles. Fi
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