Labels on fast food hasn't made the choices healthier

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Labels on fast food hasn't made the choices healthier

In the news today...


"A study by Cancer Council New South Wales and the George Institute for Global Health found the kilojoule content of foods sold at the top five food chains – Hungry Jack’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Oporto and Red Rooster – has not changed since 2009.


Researchers tracked the kilojoule content per serving and per 100 grams of menu items sold at the chains in March and April every year for seven years, from 2009 to 2015.


“We found that overall there was no significant or systematic reduction in kilojoule content since the introduction of menu labelling in NSW,” said Clare Hughes, nutrition program manager at Cancer Council NSW.


“There were some fluctuations in kilojoule content of individual items but when we assessed product categories, when we assessed particular chains, it was really clear that there was no systematic change.”"


Source: Fast food menu labelling hasn't made choices healthier, study shows


The results of the above study were published in the journal: Public Health Nutrition.


The article is worth a read in full. What are your thoughts?

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