Life after cancer

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Life after cancer

Hi I am new in here but I want to know if anyone had a experience like I did.

So I have 21 years and last year in September I enter in college it's was my first time away from my parents and from home but I was happy. But in the first week I found out I had tyroid cancer and I need to put a stop in my college life and come back home to get the treatment. I had my surgery in November it was a complicated one and I need to stay one week in hospital. After everything I went to do the treatment of iodine radioactive in February. After all this I though I was fine and could save the 2 semester of college but was a bad decision. In the end of the semester I need to come back to home because I was sick again and need to go to hospital again and I feel miserable.

Now in September I come back to college I feel more miserable I feel I can't do this. I went to a psychological and she says I have anxiety and depression.

My question is anyone pass from what I passed or similar situations and could help me?

Sorry by my English isn't my first language 

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Re: Life after cancer

Hi @Ana,


How are you doing today?


I noticed that you're not from Australia, so whilst the following resources are Australian in origin, they are still relevant for you:

I wonder if a break from study wouldn't be beneficial? Can you talk to your college about deferring your studies for a few months or even longer? Take some time for you.


Has anyone else had experience with going to university or other study and coping with cancer?

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Re: Life after cancer

Hi Ana,


Hope, you are doing now.

First of all, must appreciate your step to write down on it. 

Please note every problem has a solution and you've to go through it so keep patience always and love your self first then you can handle all thing by yourself. 



Suriya Jahan 🙂 

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