Nasal congestion post chemo

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Nasal congestion post chemo

I began chemotherapy for breast cancer in the middle of October 2018, finishing in March this year. From the start of the year I experienced continual severe nasal congestion for six months. After using a neti pot, it got significantly better for a time, but still returned maybe every couple of weeks to stick around a while. It's almost the end of the year now and I - while genuinely grateful for being alive -  am SO OVER breathing through my mouth all the time, feeling pressure in my nose, and not being able to taste food very well. My oncologist says it has nothing to do with the chemo, but I'm not convinced - it was such an obvious before-and-after. Anyone else had this, and know of any solutions??

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Re: Nasal congestion post chemo

I've got no experience with this, but it wouldn't surprise me if it is a side effect of the chemo. You may need a referral to an ear, nose & throat specialist.
I hope it clears up for you.


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