Oesophageal Cancer

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Oesophageal Cancer


Hi looking for anyone who has been through Oesophagectomy, I had the op 15 mths ago and would like to communicate with someone who is further post operation to discuss some issues I am dealing with. Both Physical and on the mental side of recovery.


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Re: Oesophageal Cancer

Hi Tony,


I had an oesophagetomy about 3 & a half years ago .. lost half my oesophagus & 80% of my stomach.

I had a lot of problems eating in the first 6 months & lost 15 kg in 2 weeks .. ended up in hospital(for a week) & had a feeding tube in for 5 months 

I still stuggle to eat without discomfort , but keep trying ... I can't get that weight to come back 😞 

Lots of little issues to deal with , but thats the new normal  ... happy to share notes with you 

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