Post mastectomy pain.

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Post mastectomy pain.

Anyone out there had difficulties with pain both on the chest wall and in the armpit. Limiting movement and it becomes upset if I do too much walking or riding my bike even if I am careful not to move that arm too much. Weened myself off some serious pain meds but no real change. Still on diazapam. Still see someone at the pain clinic.  I've seen 8 physios, 2 acupunturist , lazer therapy, counselling.  I find  prosthesis and bra wearing painful after a coup!e of hours despite good fitting. Like to hear if others have had anything similar and have some ideas.

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Re: Post mastectomy pain.



I just wanted to check in with you and see how you're doing today? Heart


Has anyone else got any tips that might assist DYB?

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