Post stem cell transplant and Graft Versus Host Disease

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Post stem cell transplant and Graft Versus Host Disease

Hi. I wondered if anyone else had gone thru a stem cell transplant and if they have any similar stories as how they dealt with the situation  and what symptoms they experienced.. I am 28 months post transplant and I feel worse than ever. My eyes are so dry I cannot produce tears and constantly having to use eye drops. My mouth is so dry as I cannot produce saliva which affects the teeth and drink water constantly. The liver is enlarged which caused discomfort.  When I was diagnosed with AML I felt well. Now I feel shocking all day every day with no reprieve. 

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Re: Post stem cell transplant and Graft Versus Host Disease

Hi @Cheryl1,


Sorry to hear of the side effects you've been experiencing, they definitely aren't pleasant for you Smiley Sad


Have you been able to speak to your oncologist or treatment team about these at all?


There are definitely others here who have experienced similar side effects with their own cancer treatment. Can anyone here offer any insight for Cheryl1?

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