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I have had lung cancer. Was three years ago

had one lung removed and then chemo

i am currently in good health however the corona virus worries me a bit

i am 70 yrs old and am still working one day a week on an aged care facility

while I feel quite capable of do this in the current climate my concern is whether I should not be going to work

every precaution is being taken at my work place so I feel reasonably safe

of course there is also the issue of how I get paid

dont have any or minimal sick leave and don’t want to use my holidays

any advice would help me

thanks. Robyn. 


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Hi Robynsew,

I think you're amazing for still working. I take it you have all the necessary PPE required to protect you. If that's the case, & you're taking all necessary precautions, then you should be safe.
When my husband & son come home,they go straight to the laundry & disinfect themselves. They take off their shoes & put house shoes on. They change clothes, wash their hands & face with soap, & spray everything with Glen 20, including anything they bought from the shops. Only then do they greet me.
Just make sure you don't touch your face unless you've just washed your hands, wear a mask, & wash your hands often.
Take care 🙂


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