Will the Doctors ever understand?

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Will the Doctors ever understand?

I like the programs of the Cancer councils but my gripe is with the Doctors. My specialist is sometimes away and I get stuck with the Registrars. The two I have seen verge on the 'cautious in the extreme' and have planned for PETSCANS and extension of the hormone treatment from 6 months to the 18 months. The is really invasive treatment. I was amazed. I thought it was joke or jokes. The next Rgistrar told me I needed a PETSCAN because my 'PSA was 'a bit high'. When  my GP received PSA  a few days before he told me it was normal. Look, I believed the GP  for 2 reasons. One, I have known and trusted him for 29 years and secondly he has many prostate patients and he is more trustworthy than some trainee Doctor who happens  to be called an Oncology Register.

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Re: Will the Doctors ever understand?

James I quite agree with you in trusting your GP more than a "Junior Doctor" or registrar as they call themselves, I have been going to the Mater Hospital now for 15 months for treatment with my particular cancer and haven't met the head of the department even though everything so called goes to him. On my first visit last year a doctor I named "Doctor Doom" told me everything bad that would happen if the treatment didn't work, the doctor came back after my procedure and again gave me bad news even though everything was succesful. I believe that doctor is on another team now, my GP on the other hand is full of hope and understanding of all things and is very positive. 



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