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Hi Everyone,

I had breast cancer a year ago. Very lucky in that it was a small lump and no nodes involved. ER and PR positive HER2negative. I was told letrozole would lower estrogen levels and then cancer would not be able to feed off estrogen, so advised to take for 5 years.

Nearly one year later I am enlightened to the small percentages that letrozole actually can help. I've been experiencing stiffness, joint pain, and sleep interruptions. So the oncologist said it'd be a good idea to stop for 2 weeks and then try something different. He went into details that 80% patients like me with small lump/no nodes affected will be fine with nothing afterwards. The remaining 20% will be more likely to get cancer again. They have no way of telling who is in what percentile. Letrozole only gives a 2% advantage against cancer in that 20% percentile. Why didn't I know this a year ago? Does anyone else know this? Doesn't really sound like one should put up with the nast side effects for a 2% gain against cancer. I will go get a 2nd opinion, but am seriously considering taking nothing from now on. Explains why oncologist asked me in beginning of my appointment if I'm stll taking the drug! Many just drop it, that is, people who are in same shoes as me.

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Re: letrozole

Hi. I understand the stress weighing up if some treatment is worth the damage they can cause for only a small percent increase in curing or slowing a cancer.

I myself after reciving Lanreotide injections that id rather just accet my fate as the injections made me even sicker and im sore has damaged my right kidney and given me permenant back and hip pain.

The Drs tell not much or what they think you want to hear.

Im told nothing realy and have to educate myself on the net...but if you mention the internet they say no dont look at it...?!? 

Anyway im sure you and your body know what is helping or not helping etc.

God bless you and take care. Remember it is ultimitly your decision and you and your body know best.

I knew i had cancer for at least 4 years before they finaly lisyened to me did a scan and it was exactly whete i told them i thought i had cancer and by educating myself. Drs dont always nlknow best but yoi should still seek the drs opinions.

Hope the best for you and others with this disease...cancer


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Re: letrozole

Sorry for all the typos.
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