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uv light


I am looking advice in relation to uv light as it has taken over my life to the point were I wont leave the house and have blackout curtains drawn all day long ive had conflicting reports /advice from doctors and dermotologists in the uk and would appreciate what the take is on it all in  Australia   might add I dont like using chemical sunscreens due to their bad rep and mineral ones seem to be dubious re their ability to work properly and are also very expensive ,6am morning walks although very bright uv is around 0.1-0.4 I wear a baseball cap and hoodie over it sunglasses but no sunscreen....In my home I am never more than 4 feet from a windown ...every window in the home is double glazed and has either blackout curtains blackout roller blind or both....do i need to be wearing sunscreen indoors ?I was led to believe that when the uv reading is under 3 no protection is needed but as I have had a skin cancer this not the case finally my local pool uses liquid chlorine and a  uv-c filration system to clean the water any views on this...im sorry for all the questions but im reallly desperate to try and get my life back

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