Back again - But new introduction

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Back again - But new introduction

Hey everyone, I'm glad I have found this support network, but I am sorry about the circumstances in which led people here. I am a 27 year old trying to get on top of cervical cancer - adenocarcinoma. I was given this sentence earlier this year - one year after my first child was born. Yes, a shock. I have had two surgeries and getting monitored closely. However I'm starting to question the treatment and the lack of resources available to make sure I have and are still being given the best treatment. Anxiety has finally set in. This year has been horrible and although I'm still enjoying the good, its getting harder and harder. I am still swimming with my head above water but too many people causing too much stress to really live again. In the last few years I have lost close friends to cancer - one of those friends especially has led me to except that I will never recover from the loss. Although my introduction sounds quite morbid, I am an enthusiastic person that adores nature and music and I always find light in the darkness. I am just having a tough few weeks. I hope everyone is going good, even if its just for today. I wish the world was fairer for all those who find themselves on this site. Stay true 🙂
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