Enjoy your non-denominational festive season, cancer sufferers and survivors

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Enjoy your non-denominational festive season, cancer sufferers and survivors

The world's gone barking mad that I don't feel safe to say "Merry Christmas" anymore without waking up to find a transgendered anti-vaccer, COVID denying vegan protesting in my back yard.  (I'm supportive of any of your causes mate, good luck to you, be well and be happy - just let me keep Merry Christmas)


If you're suffering, I'm sorry.  You're not alone.  Christmas can be a really shitty time when you're alone, it must be hell if you're suffering.


So Merry Christmas to you.


If you're not alone - don't allow this cancer experience to rob you of the joys available.  It's easy to be tired or depressed.  If you have family or loved ones you can be with, I'd urge you to consider spending time with them, have a little Christmas drink and a little Christmas cuddle, even sing some songs if you have it in you.  


If you feel isolated and don't have anybody - Christmas can be horrible.  I've been there.  I *hated* Christmas as a child and young adult (really bad family situation, single mother, heroin junkie).  So yeah, I guess binge up on Netflix and get through it ... but .... you're not alone.  Even in your loneliness, there are other people going through the same things.  You can reach out, and use that shared experience to make a new friend.  Who knows, six months down the track you find yourself debating whether Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones was a good guy or a bad guy.


Sorry, post cancer I have no/little filter, chemo-brain, and I ramble.  I just wanted to send a general WELL WISHES message out into this community of people in need of hope & healing. 


All the best.

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