Fears - cancer-related fears and what to do about them


Fears - cancer-related fears and what to do about them

Are cancer-related fears making you feel apprehensive about moving forward with your life, disrupting your sleep, making you irritable and difficult to get on with, causing problems in relationships and family, or maybe even bringing your life to a virtual standstill? Here's a thread for general or specific discussions of fears and sharing support and ideas for reducing the influence of fears on our lives. (And of course it goes without saying that it's entirely appropriate to open individual threads to discuss fears you may be experiencing). "Opportunities and fears". How well I know that duality! I'm sure you've all wrestled with it too on many occasions. Fears are inevitable for those who love life, have desires, longings, unfulfilled ambitions, dreams. I started a similar thread to this one elsewhere on the internet and thought it would be a good idea to start one here as well. I've also started one in the Young Adults general discussion forum - sorry to double post but it seemed the simplest way to open threads on this central topic for both yacs and the wider cancer connections community 🙂 Cheers, Ed.
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