Hi Guys? New Member Here, Long Time member of Lung Club.

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Hi Guys? New Member Here, Long Time member of Lung Club.

Hi, I am Gary, 61 years young. Separated thanks to weak wife and this bugger. Since this morning I decided to get off my caboose and get back out there with the world and be one again? I am sorry but I must confess I am not up with all the jargon but here is what you all get. A old bloke who is BLOODY sick of feeling sorry for himself, wants to talk to people but knows they not thinking bad or sorry for me. I want to talk of what's happening in my life without feeling like I am a loser, weak miserable BLUDGER. I want to speak to you KNOWING what I am describing and understanding. A Survivor knows BETTER Than a DOCTOR what a Survivor is saying! As I stated I am not medical due to my age and stupidity! I had a (R) Lung Removal back in '08 Since then I have kicked OXY Contin and now am on Endone 5Ml.plus Lasix 40Gm. twice a day. I also suffer with swelling of my legs and my feet look like ( %#$!) I was given by the way by a LOVELY nurse from Concord Repat some booklets of Pneumonectomies :Living with one Lung. They have helped me immensely ! I live in the Penrith NSW area and would love to catch up or converse with others in this area? PS: If we meet I apologise in advance as due to my current complexities I sleep in a chair and can't lie down flat apparently 2% suffer from this after such an operation of this kind?) so I have not had shoes on my feet for over 2 years as I cant bend down. I was recently diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease and been allocated 3-4 years left. My remaining lung is down to 27% and declining. I have to watch I don't get any more Colds that could turn nasty but love walking and greeting fellow like minded walkers along the way. If you are interested please drop me an email. Regards Gary
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Re: Hi Guys? New Member Here, Long Time member of Lung Club.

Gday Gary...Only been diagnosed bout 5 mths now...cancer stage 4 (upper right lung and secondary left hip) so I`m relatively new to all off this, although I have been learning a LOT about Drugs, Herbs,Diet and lifestyle changes having Cancer. I live up North, bout 1500 ft above Cairns and attend Cairns Cancer Clinic. They ARE BRILLIANT..Any question, Councillor, Pharmacist,help that is needed is never too much for them. I am also lucky enough to have a very good home based back-up/assistance team ,being my wife and Daughters.I have found it is good though to talk to others that are going through similar health problems than you are and being able to share idea`s and help.Hope all goes well for you Greg & De
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