Hi. New here. Trying something different.

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Hi. New here. Trying something different.

Hi all. I'm 55 and was diagnosed with cancer in one lung about 5 weeks ago. Coughing blood for a few months before I mentioned it to my Doctor. Very silly. Not much of a Doctor type and I live a way out of town. I am working on curing myself with things that I pick up locally. Since the day my Doctor gave me the news, I drink 4 250ml cups of strong Pawpaw Leaf and Soursop Leaf Tea every day. I have a spoonful of Molasses with every cup of tea. Also, I have a few spoonfuls of Maple Syrup with Bicarb Soda, which is known as poor mans chemo. There are a few other supplements that I take with the above, as they are said to help and enhance the effectiveness. Inner Health Plus Capsules and yoghurt Kelp Tablets for the Iodine Magnesium Sulphate spray Colloidal Silver that I make at home. There are a few other things I'm checking out. I feel confident that I can beat this, although of course, I still get that feeling of fear at times. Some say I'm crazy, and others think I'm on the right track. Will find out one way or the other. Would love to hear any feedback from anyone. Thanks
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