Hi everyone


Hi everyone

I'm new to the site but not to cancer. I was dx in 1998 at age 48. I had a colonoscopy and my gastroenterologist could not get it past the cancer. I was oprated on two days later. Apparently my colon was very close to rupture and likely peritonitis. They removed thirteen inches of colon and thirteen lymph nodes,six were cancerous. My surgeon described my ca as frightfully aggressive and his prognosis was three years at the most. I had scans and ultrasounds and every one (mysely included)was surprised that there were no mets in other organs. I started chemo three weeks after surgery . I had 5fu and leucovorin. It nearly killed me,I was heading for renal failure. Iwas switched to an old regime of chemo ,weekly infusions of 5fu boosted every second week with levamisole tablets . I had that pretty well every week for a total of 48 doses. I am still ca free after 14 years though I have not had good health during that time,I guess there is always a price to pay. Ron.
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