Huge row with partner who is not coping well

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Huge row with partner who is not coping well

Hi I have lurked for several months on the US Thyca forum and finally got the courage up to post here today. I have just had huge row with my partner who is not coping well. He has been very supportive but 8 months post op i am still not getting any better. My Endo had me so hyper i didn't sleep for over 5 months, TSH below 0.01 not 0.!, after seeking a second opinion dose has now been reduced but i still feel terrible because now i can't get up in the morning. I would just like to find the right balance but almost dare not complain because not sleeping was worse = absolute torture. I have lots of worrying symptoms the latest of which is a cough which has returned. Persistent cough was one of the symptoms i had prior to diagnosis which i now know is a classic symptom of thyroid cancer. It is quite difficult to cough since i have right vocal cord palsy but cough i do. My question is should i be insisting that the hospital organise ultrasound and/ or WBS NOW rather than discussing it at my next scheduled Endo appoint in Nov 2014 with the registrar. I am public patient so don't have a lot of choice in this but i think i am right to be worried given that 5 year survival rates of Stage 4 Papillary Thyroid Cancer is only 50%. Any thoughts or insight appreciated- sorry if my intro is longwinded.
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Re: Huge row with partner who is not coping well

Hi beetlebum100, if you have any concerns, speak with your GP. They can organise further tests, and/or bring your appointment forward if they see fit. Take care
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