Importance of being Pro-Active


Importance of being Pro-Active

Hi all.I have NSC Lung Cancer (stage 4) and have been fighting this for just under two years. In that time I have suffered 4 attacks of viruses pertaining to the lungs.These included Pneumonia,Viral Pneumonia etc, and only two have been the result of low immune system.(neautropenia), I have just spent 8 days in hospital(bloods all OK) with a pneumonia type virus that has taken 3 different types of antibiotics to try to kill.The only alert I received this time that I had a virus was a spike in temperature from 36.5 to 38.4 in 1 1/2 Hours.I felt ill but not Majorly.Without being paranoid,I am now even more vigilant on checking Temp, oxygen and blood pressure levels at regular times, or whenever I feel unwell.I am sure my early trip to hospital this time helped my recovery. Greg
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