Intimate look at what's ahead

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Intimate look at what's ahead

Brain Tumor Patients and Caregivers:

When my late husband, David Granahan, was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforma years ago I was frantic for information. I combed libraries, the internet, questioned everyone I could.

I found one book by a caregiver that turned out to be poorly written and scanty on real information. I’d happily have given a limb if I could have found a book like “Loving David”. After working on the manuscript for two decades I have finally published it. The full title is Loving David – a man’s epic love and courage facing death.

I have tried to write honestly about the disease and how it affected us, but it is also a love story of our 34 years together (rather adventurous ones). I have contacted this forum because it was my lifeline as I went through the ordeal of losing my soul mate. I ran away from cancer afterwards until it returned to my family and my daughter died of triple negative breast cancer recently. It had metastasized to her brain at the end.

I hope my book helps anyone facing what I ended up calling The Beast, brain cancer. It is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Kobo as well as from BookLocker. It is cheapest in ebook form but is also available in paperback.

In addition, coping with widowhood after decades of life together was not easy. I have written A Widow/er Handbook, a practical pamphlet that many of my widowed friends have found helpful. If you email me at I will email it to you for free. I have printed out some copies that I am giving to Hospice but can’t afford to print more.

As some sort of background: I am a retired investigative journalist and publisher, currently a travel writer and author, and I have a master’s degree in psychology. I will not stay on this forum as it brings back too many memories, but I wanted to let you all know about the book in hopes it can prepare you for the path you are walking.

With great heartfelt concern,

Andrea Granahan

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