Medical expertise and latest treatments

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Medical expertise and latest treatments

Hi Everyone, This is my first post here and my topic maybe a little controversial but its something I'm going to get off my chest out of pure and sheer frustration. My father has metastatic prostate cancer and according to medical professionals may have 6 months left to live.  He was first diagnosed in 2005.  He has a very aggressive form of cancer and my heart is breaking watching him fade away before my eyes. Frankly, I used to live in the US where they take a far more aggressive approach to treating cancers, and have the latest treatments and experimental medications to try.  My husband who is American and I moved back to Sydney to look after my father just after his first diagnosis and I'm stunned at the level of imcompetence and lack of duty of care from some medical staff and so called private hospitals.  Not only is the approach to treating cancers lacklustre and laidback but I find that there are some Doctors out there who just treat people like the next number and do the bare minimum and then move on.  Why on earth as a western society and as a country we can't seem to  keep up to date with latest treatments, scientific research and have a no nonsense approach to treating cancers?  and making it easy for those who want access to these to be able to have it here? After what I have seen since 2005 including up to now, no wonder people are just dying from all kinds of cancers here, medical treatments and medical doctors simply aren't up to scratch and those we love and care for suffer because of this. We already know the health care system is shocking, but Why on earth are we as Australians at an even further disadvantage by Govt red tape when it comes to obtaining the latest clinical trials, experimental treatments and medical staff who actually show some care when dealing with those suffering from cancer? I'd be interested in hearing other opinions.    
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