Movie Concept about (Curing) Cancer

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Movie Concept about (Curing) Cancer

"Bach to the Future"

Starring:  Arnold Schwarzenegger


Johann Sebastian Bach is conducting an orchestra, concludes, audience claps politely.


Retiring to his secluded mansion, he walks up circular stairs with a lighted candle.  He looks intense, almost haunted as he reaches forward and opens a creaky door ...... to his LABORATORY.


Nodding to himself, Bach starts to intently pore over large schematics and blueprints, and write calculations on a blackboard.  Montage of this, showing elapsed time, as Bach works in secret, at night, over a period of weeks.


End montage.  Bach has built ... A TIME MACHINE.


Cranking up the apparatus, Bach climbs aboard the time machine and travels to the future.


He finds himself in a dust-swept and ravaged city street, in front of a once mighty, now broken edifice (Trump Tower, collapsed and ruined).  He glances around in confusion, noticing many buildings are collapsed into ruin and rubble.


Suddenly a zombie shambles toward him, "Mein Gott!" exclaims Bach as he wrestles with it.  His biceps clench, popping the arms of his baroque period overcoat.  He pummels the zombie, reaching for a broken down road-sign, which he uses to dispatch it.  After a lengthy fight, he figures that a head-blow is needed to dispatch the zombies.


Bach takes the corpse and loads it onto his time machine, glancing around sombrely, he climbs aboard, saying "I'll be Bach.."


Bach travels back to the past, and uses his laboratory to analyse the zombie.   He realises that this zombie mutation began with cancer, which must be rampant in the future society he visited.  He resolves to cure cancer, and to deliver it to a timeline BEFORE the zombie apocalypse took over the world.


Armed with the cancer cure, it's BACH to the FUTURE (again).


Bach travels to 1984 where he travels the world introducing the cure into the water sources of large cities (this shown in montage).  When done he travels further into the future.


Once more in front of the rubble of Trump Tower, Bach glances around, frowning.  A zombie charges from nearby ruins, and he fights it off and then crushes it's head with his mighty boot.  He takes the zombie back to his laboratory in the past, and analyses it.


A look of horror passes over his face as he studies the samples, realising that it was HIS cure introduced earlier that actually CAUSED the zombie apocalypse, and that he has created some kind of horrifying time loop and consequently doomed the future of all humanity.


Movie ends.


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