Newbie to site - ovarian cancer

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Newbie to site - ovarian cancer

Hello, I was diagnosed with borderline Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer in February. I had major debulking surgery in March -an operation that was supposed to take 4 hrs took over 7 and I spent 16 days in ICU!, returning a week later when I bled into my stoma bag. In total I spent 4 & 1/2 weeks in hospital. My poor husband had to take 6 weeks off work to care for our now 12mth old son. (Luckily his work have been extremely understanding.) They say they got 99% of the cancer in the surgery bur i am still having treatment 7 mths later! Chemo is a 3 day ordeal every 21 days that involves the drugs being put into my abdominal cavity via an intraperitoneal port. The operation left me with an ileostomy/stoma which is distressing and a constant reminder, plus after finally getting back to my per-pregnancy weight I can't wear my normal clothes as they don't really leave room for the stoma bag. I am up to cycle 10, and they have added Avastin to my chemo - my ca125 is going down but not quickly enough. The nurses say they have never seen anyone do as many rounds as I have :(. I am desperate for this to finish and for the stoma to be reversed so I can get on with being a mum.
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