One year on.....

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One year on.....

Just thought I'd say hello to everyone. I've read some amazing stories on this site - there's alot of inspirational people out there. I had a lump in my neck removed in June 2012. Turned out to be a metastatic deposit from cancer in my right kidney. Scans showed I also have mets to my psoas muscle next to my L5 vertebrae, and the top of my left buttock. I had a radical nephrectomy in September 12, then started on 37.5mg of Sutent (4 weeks on, 2 weeks off) in October. I handled that well, so the doc put me up to 50mg on the next cycle. A scan in January this year showed the growths had diminished. The next scan in May showed they had totally receded. YAY! Today, I'm in the middle of my 9th cycle, still on 50mg, but I'm thinking of dropping that back to 37.5mg as it's a maintenance thing now (until the sutent is no longer effective and the cancer grows back of course. Will cross that bridge when I come to it). Hoping the side effects will be alot less on the lower dose, and looking forward to the possiblity of getting back to work in the near future. :) Cheers
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