Hi everyone and it has been a while since I posted anything but all is well but so much has changed, just to put you in the picture with my cancer; diagnosed with stg1 Bladder cancer in 2016 with Tumor, CIS removed I went on the usual immunotherapy which lasted 16 months before the BCG started to attack my body resulting in a replacement knee. I have had the regular 3 monthly cystoscopies till this year then 6 monthly which have been clear since 2018. Will be heading to the Mater in Brisbane later this year for another Cystoscopy with a Prostrate resection, bugger getting old but I am still walking the planet. Health wise I have let myself go a bit with the Covad19 lockdown but I am determined to get back into shape using the same willpower I have used all along, cancer is a thing that can take over our lives and we can settle down and let the thing envelope us, take the cancer on and as my GP said when I first was diagnosed "Get yourself in the condition to fight it" and it works mind and body.

All the best everybody and stay safe.


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Re: Spring

Hi there,


How are you currently holding up?? I hear the virus will hopefully be over soon.

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Re: Spring

You always have to stay healthy and safe! Get well soon. 

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