Stopping Chemo

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Stopping Chemo

I have had two rounds of Chemo.  The first one was with immunotherapy but after 3 cycles my Oncologist terminated it as said wasn’t working and down to funding.  I really wanted to keep going with immunotherapy but said they couldn’t as in public system.  My health insurance doesn’t kick in till January.


So after two different types of Chemo my doc has advised going third round could cause more damage. I have since put on hold plus I’m moving hospitals soon.  

i feel I’ve been left to the gods to survive now as I have been given no options but feel there has to be something.


I started with Oesophageal cancer which spread to liver, kidney and bones.  Had radiation on my hip but this time slow recovery.  

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas as feel quite down nothing is being done.  I’m hoping change of hospital my do something.



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