They seem to work but they are expensive ...

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They seem to work but they are expensive ...

My son was diagnosed with GBM at the age of 19 in December 2011. He was diagnosed after a massive brain bleed, and had to learn to walk again. He lost the use of his left arm, and walked with a limp as partial muscle signalling was lost from the brain. After underwent chimo and radiation for 6 weeks, then decided to stop the chimo (as it dosent do anything for brain tumours). He decided to fight back with supplements and changing his diet and all was going well until May 2013. All her wanted to do was hang out with his friends and do what normal 20-21 yr olds do! On 1st June he admitted to the ER unable to walk and slurring badly with his speach. The cancer was back but this time in his cerebellum which controls all balance and co-ordination. He also developed double vision, lost fluid swollow control and lost co-ordination of his right hand. The doctors put him on palative care and sent him home in July, with chimo and offer of more radiation. The chimo just made him sick so stopped straight away, deeming it to be a bad option for brain tumours and turned to radiation. But at the same time Liam refused to give into the system and started looking at the alternatives. He found a centre that a specialises in both cancer and brain issues - bingo! Liam started intense IV Vitamin C treatment as well as pressurised hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment. Within 2 weeks the results were starting to happen, he started to regain understandable speech, his swallow had regained control, the strength in his legs increased and his right hand control got back to 80% of normal function to start using his smart phone again! It really works!!! Then radiation started and progress reduced, he got really tired, and progress plateaued. Now he wonders if radiation was the right thing to do??? But now he needs to return to the high intensity hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment, regular Vitamin C and hyperthermia heat treatments (to increase the immune system and clear toxins) He is determined to beat this and walk again within months. Next step neuro muscle re-awakening and brain re-mapping. None of these treatments (all offered in one natural health centre! ) are covered by the medical system, and it's costing him thousands of dollars to get his life back and ultimately save his life from this terrible cancer.
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