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Just thought id say hi . pretty obvious that im new that why i post here. i joined about a month ago but haven't had the emotion strength to deal with my situation. keeping busy is the only thing I can do to try not to think about the fact that I'm petrified about the financial side of thing. I was meant to have scans on some suspicious lumps on both breasts, as 3 years ago when i had a biopsy it cost me more that I could afford as medicare stuffed me with no rebate and I was on a sole parent pension at the time because My husband and I broke up. So here i sit still with no job to pay for the likely treatment needed to make sure I'm here for my kids. I think i'm also scared as I lost my mum to lung cancer 14 yrs ago and both my gran-parents on mums side had several different types of cancer,like breast,bowls ect. I don't talk to my friends family or boyfriend about this, they do know about it but we do not talk about it. I think its just easier that way for all of us as none of us have any clue. I try to keep busy so I don't have time to think and stew on it. but its getting harder. I don't know whom to reach out to to talk. it will be ok, stay positive and all will be well.
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