Anal Cancer

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Anal Cancer

So started treatment  for AC 2018 February 8 weeks of  chemo&radiation the Tumour was 10 cm  wow my skin  is still  healing big shock when my skin  was black  a so much pain  and all my lady parts stuck together  in October  2018 I had the surgery  so now I have the bag  my life is  in a learning process  so hard  to get up some days  not beening  able to work I was a Dog groomer   now 2/5 years Iam starting to do dog walking  its nice to be hear 

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Re: Anal Cancer

Hello @Vik396 ,


Welcome to this forum.  I'm glad to hear you're still around & getting back into walking with dogs.  Gentle exercise is a very good way to help your body recover from the horrors of cancer treatment.  I hope your health continues to improve.  All the best



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