Being misdiagnosed twice by 2 ENT specialists in 18 months .

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Being misdiagnosed twice by 2 ENT specialists in 18 months .

My problem started with a very painful nose tip.Couldn't touch it had to delicately wash my face in that area Bleedin would occur.Was sent to a specialist locally who said I needed some acid up my nose to seal off blood capilleries but diagnosis was mid facial neuralgia and I had to live with it. I sought another consultation with an ENT specialist in neighbouring larger town.His diagnosis was Staph infection and to go to beach every morning and inhale water up the nose to flush out the blood and the infection.I lived more than 60kms from a beach as the crow flys .When i explained my predicament of logistics he became angry and said to flush nose out with syringe of salted water 4 times a day.These consultations were wrong and cost me 18 months before correct diagnosis was made by a wonderful surgeon in Sydney resulting in removal of my nose. My advise is don't take first diagnosis if you feel the Dr hasn't listened to you or you feel that they have made an error. Don't be afraid to ask for a second , third or fourth opinion , it's your life, take control.

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Re: Being misdiagnosed twice by 2 ENT specialists in 18 months .

Evening @Lesley71 and welcome to our Community!


What a frustrating experience you have had. I completely understand though, when you feel something's not right, seek out answers. I do hope you are well and we will see more of you Heart





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