Bowel Cancer…hmmm

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Bowel Cancer…hmmm

Hi everyone, I am Pauline & was diagnosed in February with stage 3 Bowel cancer. The surgeon removed the tumor & due to start 5th of 8 cycles of chemo. It has taken so much to join & post here as I have been living in denial…now it’s time for me to take the C by the horns rather than the way I have been living😀

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In the Midst of survival Bowel Cancer Surviving


Hello 👋 

I too am first timer on here and yours first one I read.

I fought and am surviving Liver Mastitisis Stage 4 Bowel Cancer.

Almost a year to the diagnosed day, I'm in for ileostomy bag reversal. End of July 2024.

Food, Sunshine and The Cancer Gym 🏋️‍♀️ 💪 👌  diet Saved me. Right now I've crashed and burned, 6 week post round 11 Chemo + recovering super huge surgery. 

Trying to push thru this fatigue, ptsd and loneliness.

Weather been nice so I've been walking train stairs and start back gym next week 💪  .

That's my plan A.

Soo you stay strong eat well , rest and like I say. Be obedient LOL 😆

I , like you I give it no thought, Call it exactly what it is 

A BAG Full of Shit!!!



Lovely to meet you.

Feel better already,  think this forum and chat to you, brightened my evening.

Woo Whoo 

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Re: In the Midst of survival Bowel Cancer Surviving

Wow - I admire your feisty attitude Crissy! I am another first timer, and starting on the prostate cancer treatment pathway. I’m discovering a whole new language and life perspective that has been a sudden change in direction - I would have preferred to win the lottery rather than a cancer diagnosis but what can I do except play the cards I’ve been dealt, as well as I can?

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Re: Bowel Cancer…hmmm

Hi Pauline,

Thank you for joining up and posting here. It's good to hear you're ready to reach out, get some support and take the C by the horns.
If you need any additional asssitance during your treatment journey, you can always talk with our 13 11 20 line to see what services may be useful for you e.g. counselling.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment.
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