Cancer a wrecked my marriage

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Cancer a wrecked my marriage

Hi my name is Gilly iv been fighting kidney cancer now going on 6 years they took out my left kidney and it then spread to my lungs my main ayorta to my heart and my liver they gave me 18 months to live 6 years ago it’s changed my life it made me angry and the treatments messed with my head and body in a bad way iv had 4 treatments and now I’m just trying to enjoy my life but I can’t my wife recently kicked me out so I now have lost her and my children I still love my wife so much ,this cancer has taken everything iv ever loved and worked hard for I also miss our 5 children a lot my won’t talk to me she hasn’t in 2 months it hurts a lot , I’m telling my story because I’d hate to see other cancer sufferers go through this . I find it hard now to keep going with the fight I love my family and miss them so much 

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