Anyone had treatment for secondary breast lung cancer

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Anyone had treatment for secondary breast lung cancer



I had breast cancer 6 years ago and at the end of January this year started to have some breathing problems.   4 weeks ago I had 1 litre of fluid removed from my lung, which contained some breast cancer cells.   I also had a scan which showed a spot on one lung and enlarged lymph nodes in my breast, chest and neck.   The breast clinic tried to take a biopsy of the lymph nodes but failed and referred me back to the lung clinic who removed another litre of fluid this morning.   The lung clinic said that they would be willing to take a biopsy of my lung and would write to the breast clinic and ask if this is what they wanted them to do.    However, did not know what treatment would be offered as it wasn't lung cancer.  Has anyone had any experience of breast cancer metastatic in the lung?


I would appreciate any advise or support 

Many thanks Trish 

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