Newly diagnosed Bladder Cancer

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Newly diagnosed Bladder Cancer

Hi all.  Diagnosed May 2021. TURBT Low grade non invasive  tumor. 3month cysto just a small scrape. 6 months later and cysto revealed 8 new tumors. TURBT preformed and Surgeon came in whilst I was in recovery and said I’d need to start BCG and that Oncology would contact me. That’s it. That’s all I know. Should my surgeon have given me more information or will I get that from Oncology when I go for treatment? I feel a little in the dark. If the tumors have changed would they tell me or should I be asking more questions? If so who should I be asking? I don’t have a great regular Dr( SE Melbourne any recommendations welcomed) I feel like this is all happening to someone else. My understanding is BCG treatment is to prevent the tumors from growing back is that right? So essentially the type of cancer may not have changed and BCG is a preventative? So many questions and nobody to ask. Anyone able to fill in some blanks? Need somewhere to start. Thanks 😊 

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