Cancer of the girly bits

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Cancer of the girly bits

Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I have been in the cancer alternative universe since February. I'm in Canberra and I had surgery and radiation. They are giving me a break from treatment for a couple of months until they work out if the radiation has worked or not.


My cancer was in my uterus and I have had all my lady parts removed. I've been searching for a local support group -  it can be for something simple as an occassional cup of coffee.  Alas, all the local groups seem to be for specific cancer types and any female-related cancer seems only focused on breast cancer (not having a go at those lovely ladies with breast cancer; they need all the support they can get; but women get gender-specific cancer in other parts too. We should not be invisible in cancer support or discussions).   There also isn't a general cancer support group in this region.


Are there any other people in the ACT who would like to get together occasionally and help create a Girly Bits Cancer Support Coffee Club? (Breast cancer patients/survivors are welcome, but we will also talk about the area "down below". Men without a support group are also welcome too, but be prepared to hear about lady parts).

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Re: Cancer of the girly bits

Hey hey - unrelated comment .. the references to "girly bits" and "lady parts" are really kinda charming


That to one side - it's nice to connect with people in your EXACT situation (lady part cancer) and certainly the relatability of someone who had also had a hysterectomy or similar procedure, and wrapping your head around the changes (physiological, social, psychological) .. I'm sure it would be extra helpful to have someone who's shared the same situation.


BUT .. if you hit a wall, and still feel that you need and aren't getting some kind of support .. let's say it's a friendly ear …. I'd suggest widen your criteria a bit.  Most folks who have been through cancer, in my opinion, have had their outlook changed, and adapt to some pretty common sorts of issues.  I think that in many cases it broadens a person's perspective, and deepens their empathy.


Even if it's not lady-part specific, I think you could find a friendly ear, and someone who understands the generalities, if not exactly how it feels.


Best of luck !

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