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I am 4 yrs in remission so you think l would be over the moon but l have never been the same after treatment was always a very happy go lucky person but lm so depressed and constantly full of anxiety that most days l don't want to be here it's mentally exhausting.l had 5 hrs chemo and radiation for 6 weeks every day at the end l couldn't even swallow a mouthful of water due to my ashapicus closing up and l know there are others who have had sight effects the same but l dont know who to turn to due to my mental health is there any help for how down l am feeling? I don't know if l dealt with my cancer as have blocked alot out.

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Re: Cancer

There are occasional ‘Survivorship Workshops’ run by cancer care centres (e.g. one on 2nd May run by the Illawarra Cancer Care Centre). You might want to ‘phone a helpline like Beyond Blue or Lifeline and there are many mental health app’s you could put on your ‘phone.


Good 🍀 luck. 


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Hello Michelle,

Thank you very much for reaching out, I would like to share with you information about one of our group supports for those between the ages of 25 and 40, who have completed cancer treatment.

If this group is suitable for you please call our Supportive Care Team on 1300 755 632.



Kind regards


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