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Hi, I have suffered a minor delay to my treatment because I tested +ive this morning to Covid. Instead of commencing tmrw, I will start on Monday. 6 weeks of chemo/radio for GBM #4. Have you (?) been through this? What can I expect? Please try to be as positive as you can, if you feel like responding. I hope it went as well as can be expected. 


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Re: Covid

Exactly what happened to me, and I finish my 6 week block on Monday. I have coped well but am a little more tired this week. Not enough to change my routines. I had 30 mins downtime each day (no screens, just empty mindedness) and found it useful. I maintained some hobbies to distract myself from negative thinking- gardening, woodworking, a few holes of golf...

We will have good days and bad days. Accept it and don't beat yourself up if you feel despondent. Look to do something positive or worthwhile every day. Regards. 

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