Current Scam Alerts to be aware of

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Current Scam Alerts to be aware of

Last week was Scams Awareness Week in Australia and as someone who has worked in the world of digital and social media for many years, it's something that I am incredibly passionate about.


We take every step here at Cancer Council and with the Online Community to ensure your safety online, this is a safe space for anyone affected by cancer. Occasionally something might slip by, if it does, please use the Report Innappropriate Content link that is on every single post, or email the team on


The ACCC have a great video on how to question whether something is for real or not:



The AFP put out an alert last week about people claiming to be members of the Defence Force, which you can read about here.


And in the news this morning, was advice from police on what to do if you receive a call or a voice mail from a number you do not recognise, with someone speaking in mandarin . You can read about that here. Current advice is to hang up immediately and contact authorities. I myself have recently received two such calls, which highlights how common this sort of scam is becoming.


Some excellent resources are:

If you have any concerns or worries about anything to do with the Online Community, please do not hesitate to contact me.




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