Hair growing back


Hair growing back

My hair is starting to grow back & my scalp keeps getting hot, can someone explain why & what can I  do.

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Re: Hair growing back

Hi Debbru,


Getting a hot or warm scalp is a very general symptom and could apply to many conditions.


For example:


  • Warmth can be an indication of a rash or infection.
  • It could be contact dermatitis if you’re allergic or being irritated by something you’re using. E.g. creams, cleansers, soap, shampoos or conditioners. (Try something fragrance and sulfates free).
  • The scalp tends to get sore, hot or irritated before hair loss after chemotherapy. Due to inflammation.
  • Depending on age it could be an symptom of menopause
  • Hormonal changes in general
  • Side effects of medications


I believe going to your treating doctor or a dermatologist probably would be for the best, due the long list of possibilities - especially if you’re in discomfort.


But for now I suppose you should avoid direct sunlight exposure to the affect area, try not to wear anything too warm or wooly on the head, use a cold compress – try peppermint oil or aloe vera as they act as natural cooling agent, wash your hair regularly to avoid dirt or oil accumulations.

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